How to Get a Guy to Like You - Body Language Secrets You Must Know

Published: 28th August 2010
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Do you know what body language is? Are you sure you can believe that what a guy is telling you is really what he's feeling inside? Are you annoyed when he tells you, "Nothing is wrong," and you KNOW something is DEFINITELY WRONG? Do you often wonder what's really going on in his mind? Why is it so difficult for him to express his genuine feelings?

Why does it bother him so much when you question him about his feelings? Wouldn't you love it if there was a manual that taught you how to read men's thoughts?

When a woman can read a man's body language, it gives her the upper hand. If you could read men using subtle clues, you would be ahead of 99% of women who are confused and frustrated by men in the dating world. Can you imagine how much of an advantage this knowledge would be for you?

Check out these three clues that men give with their bodies:

Towards whom is his chest turning? He might be laughing and joking with his buddies just so it won't be too obvious that it's you he really wants to talk to. However, his upper body will be pointing towards the real object of his attention.

A man's upper body is the best indicator of his romantic interest in a woman. If you see that his upper body turns slightly in your direction, then congratulate yourself! It is very likely that this guy is really dying to get to know you.

The Long, Hard Stare.

This one is a little harder, because it is done by 2 very different kinds of men. It is just one of a long list of tricks that players deliberately use to seduce women, but it is also what guys who are head over heels do. Take the way a hot, confident guy stares at you with a grain of salt - you can't trust him. Take some time to get to know him and do a few simple tests you can use (I'll talk about this topic another day) to find out what group he is in.

And finally, the true test for a man who really, really, really likes you

No matter what you do or say, his eyes twinkle. The best indicator of a guy's interest is the number of times his eyes light up when you're together. If the sparks only fly a few times while you're out on a dinner date, just take advantage of the free meal - it's likely this is the only date you will be having with him.

If the twinkle never leaves his eyes, you know that he's falling in love with you. The eyes only sparkle and shine when a guy is really enamored of a girl - the eyes never lie.

Once you know what his body language means to you, then you can easily and accurately use that information to find out the Sure Signs He Likes You. Now, how to get a guy to like you shouldn't be that difficult, since you know how to find out the signs he likes me.

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